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 Hi, I'm Jamie! I've taught both English and dance in 6 different countries, starting in Costa Rica in 2007.

I can help you navigate where to teach, how to get qualifiedyour visa options and most importantly, how to have the best possible experience abroad.

If you're dreaming of teaching abroad but feeling overwhelmed or unsure of your next step, I can help!

Jamie Gajewski

Teach Abroad Coaching

1 Session

$125 USD


4 Session Package (save 15%)

$425 USD


What you'll get:


  • 1 hour Zoom session(s) with Jamie from ESL Teacher 365

    Get expert advice from someone who has taught abroad in multiple countries and ways
  • Recording of the session

    Don't worry about taking notes - each session is recorded
  • Follow-up email with helpful links and resources

    Based on what we cover in your session, I'll send you additional information to help you take action
  • Email access to Jamie

    One week access after your session (1 session) or during your coaching period (4 session package)

  • Sessions are personalized to your unique goals

    You'll fill out an onboarding form to help me understand your goals. I've helped previous coaching clients with topics like deciding where to teach abroad based on their qualifications and preferences, how to apply for teach abroad programs, interview and CV prep, creating a teach abroad departure timeline, budgeting and finance tips, moving abroad logistics and more

Teach Abroad Coaching

1 Session

$125 USD


4 Session Package (save 15%)

$425 USD

Jamie Gajewski, founder of ESL Teacher 365

Let's get you abroad!

Teaching abroad is such an amazing and challenging experience - and it's a lot easier with support!

I look forward to helping you see the world, change your students' lives and live a life of teaching, travel and adventure. If you're ready to commit to teaching abroad, then I'm here to support you.

If you have any questions, just send me an email: [email protected]

All the best,


What people are saying:

Brianna, American going to Spain 

"I loved meeting with Jamie! I was blown away by her organized and personalized presentation for our session and by how patient she was in answering all of my questions. As someone who has taught in a variety of regions and types of educational institutions, Jamie also has such a deep wealth of experience and knowledge about this industry that was extremely evident throughout our session.

As if this weren’t enough, Jamie also has shown a willingness to go above and beyond and has informed me of opportunities outside of our scheduled meeting as well as offered to follow up on things that we discussed.

Don’t hesitate to sign up for a coaching with Jamie, particularly if you are brand new to the teaching abroad process, as you will certainly gain from the experience."

Nick, American going to Latin America 

"I have been interested in teaching English abroad for some time now but I had loads of questions about how to carve out a path for myself.

Jamie has so much experience and dropped a lot of jewels in our session, providing me with very useful information I had previously not considered.

I feel much more confident on where I’m going to start, how to market myself, and what to expect on my journey both teaching in person and online. I have a structure to follow and a solid plan, which is what I really wanted."

Kate, American going to Europe

"Jamie was an excellent coach. She tailored the session to meet my needs. She was very well-prepared and knowledgeable.

Jamie coached with compassion and empathy. I greatly appreciated the time she took to really listen to my concerns and help me find solutions.

Jamie has a true passion for helping her fellow teachers reach their goals and accomplish their dreams. I highly recommend scheduling a coaching session with Jamie."