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I can help you start teaching online or build your own freelance teaching biz


 Hi, I'm Jamie! I've been teaching online as a freelancer, on marketplaces and for companies since 2020, but working as an English teacher since 2007.

I can help you navigate how to get started teaching online, setting up your own online freelance teaching business or helping you market your online classes so that you can start earning an income and living a life of freedom!

If you're dreaming of teaching online but feeling overwhelmed or unsure of your next step, I can help!

Jamie Gajewski

Online Teacher Coaching

1 Session

$125 USD


4 Session Package (save 15%)

$425 USD


What you'll get:


  • 1 hour Zoom session(s) with Jamie from ESL Teacher 365

    Get expert advice from someone who knows the online teaching industry
  • Recording of the session

    Don't worry about taking notes - each session is recorded
  • Follow-up email with helpful links and resources

    Based on what we cover in your session, I'll send you additional information to help you take action
  • Email access to Jamie

    One week access after your session (1 session) or during your coaching period (4 session package)

  • Sessions are personalized to your unique goals

    You'll fill out an onboarding form to help me understand your goals. I've helped previous coaching clients with topics like starting a freelance teaching business, preparing for online company or marketplaces applications, planning ESL lessons, using technology in the online classroom, marketing strategies to find students to teach online, evaluating students, scaling your online teaching business, student contracts, pricing your classes and more.

Online Teacher Coaching

1 Session

$125 USD


4 Session Package (save 15%)

$425 USD

Jamie Gajewski, founder of ESL Teacher 365

Work from anywhere!

Teaching online is the ultimate ticket to freedom - but it's easier to get started with support.

I look forward to helping you begin your online teaching journey or establishing your own freelance teaching business. 

If you have any questions, just send me an email: [email protected]

All the best,


What people are saying:

Daniel, American freelance teacher in Taiwan

"I had an amazing coaching session today with Jamie from ESL Teacher 365. I clarified a lot of what I sort of already knew, but I didn’t have the needed focus or a set of actionable steps to apply.

Jamie conducted the session in a very useful two-way brainstorming fashion. This generated lots of ideas that I believe will be quite useful in my future marketing of my English as a Foreign Language lessons for adults now and also later when I start marketing my services to young learners and to people who want to learn Spanish.

I now have some actionable steps to take in order to build my online teaching business."

Alex, Irish freelance teacher 

"Before working with Jamie I was pretty clueless on how to start freelance teaching English. I had under 2 years of experience as an English tutor and only 4 students at the time.

I found Jamie through her YouTube channel and after giving it some thought I decided to book a coaching call with her. The 1 hour call flew past as she addressed all of my questions and struggles I had outlined in the onboarding process. Her coaching style was clear and to-the-point but also easy-going and comfortable.

I now have all the knowledge I need to set up my social media presence, handle administration and ultimately reach my teaching goals. If you are a freelance English teacher who’s starting out or struggling to find students I highly recommend you reach out to Jamie!"

Ryan, American freelance teacher

"My biggest struggle was just having an actionable plan. I kept changing approaches and plans because I wasn’t sure which one to stick with.

Now I have an idea of what to do and what the process will look like to get where I want to be.

I really feel like this helped me out and gave me a fighting chance towards getting my business established."

Paulette, American freelance teacher

"Jamie displays her obvious vast knowledge and experience to help others succeed in their on-line teaching business. She is a great communicator and willing to answer any queries with patience and understanding.

Highly recommend Jamie to anyone considering embarking on an on-line teaching journey."